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Final Exam Grade Needed

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Final Exam Grade Needed

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Upgrade your grading experience with our Final Grade Calculator, the ultimate tool for effortlessly determining your overall grade in any course. Streamlined and user-friendly, it's perfect for both students and educators looking to accurately calculate cumulative averages from assignments, quizzes, exams, and more. Achieve precise academic assessments with minimal effort, thanks to our intuitive design.

What is Final Grades?

Final grades represent the cumulative assessment of a student’s performance throughout an academic course, taking into account all graded components such as assignments, quizzes, projects, midterms, and final exams. These grades are typically expressed as percentages, letter grades, or points, and reflect the student’s overall achievement in the course. Final grades are crucial for academic records, determining eligibility for further studies, and can significantly impact a student’s academic and professional opportunities.

How to calculate my Final Grade?

Calculating final grades can be achieved through two methods: Percentage and Letters.

Percentage Method: Assign a weight to each course component (assignments, exams, etc.), calculate the percentage score for each, and then multiply each score by its weight. Sum these weighted scores and divide by the total weight to get the final grade as a percentage.

Letters Method: Assign letter grades (A, B, C, etc.) to each component, convert these to numerical values (e.g., A=4.0), and calculate the weighted average similar to the percentage method. The final grade is typically represented as a letter.

Both methods rely on the weighted average of all course components, ensuring an accurate reflection of overall performance.

1: How to find Final Grades in Percentage Method?

To find out what grade you need on your final exam to achieve a desired overall grade in a course, given your current grade, the desired grade, and the weight of the final exam, you can use the following formula:

\[ \text{Required Final Grades} = \frac{\text{Desired Overall Grade} – (1 – \text{Final Exam Weight}) \times \text{Current Grade}}{\text{Final Exam Weight}} \]

– The Desired Overall Grade, Current Grade, and Final Exam Weight are all in percentage form.
– The Final Exam Weight should be expressed as a decimal in the formula (e.g., 20% as 0.20).

Steps to Calculate:

1. Convert the Final Exam Weight: If the final exam weight is given as a percentage, convert it to a decimal by dividing by 100.

2. Subtract the Product of the Current Grade and (1 – Final Exam Weight) from the Desired Grade: This calculates the portion of the desired grade not yet achieved by the current grade, taking into account the weight of the final exam.

3. Divide by the Final Exam Weight: This gives you the grade needed on the final exam as a percentage of the exam’s total possible points.


Let’s say your current grade is 75%, your desired grade is 85%, and the final exam weight is 40%.

1. Convert the final exam weight to a decimal: \( 40\% = 0.40 \).

2. Use the formula:

\[ \text{Required Final Exam Grade} = \frac{85\% – (1 – 0.40) \times 75\%}{0.40} \]

\[ \text{Required Final Exam Grade} = \frac{85\% – 0.60 \times 75\%}{0.40} \]

\[ \text{Required Final Exam Grade} = \frac{85\% – 45\%}{0.40} \]

\[ \text{Required Final Exam Grade} = \frac{40\%}{0.40} \]

\[ \text{Required Final Exam Grade} = 100\% \]

So, you would need to score 100% on the final exam to achieve your desired overall grade of 85% in the course, given the weight of the final exam.

2: How to find Final Grades in Letters Method?

To find final grades using the Letters Method with a 100-point numeric scale for conversion, follow these steps:

1. Assign Letter Grades: Start by assigning letter grades to each coursework component (assignments, quizzes, exams) based on performance.

2. Convert Letters to 100-Point Scale: Use a conversion scale that translates letter grades into numeric values on a 100-point scale. For example:
– A = 90-100
– B = 80-89
– C = 70-79
– D = 60-69
– F = below 60

See full grading chart here

Choose a specific value within each range to represent the letter grade, such as the midpoint or the minimum value.

3. Determine Component Weights: Identify the weight of each graded component as a percentage of the total grade.

4. Calculate Weighted Numeric Average: Multiply each component’s numeric value by its weight (expressed as a decimal), add these weighted values together, and then divide by the sum of the weights.

\[ \text{Weighted Numeric Average} = \frac{\sum (\text{Numeric Value} \times \text{Weight})}{\sum \text{Weights}} \]

5. Interpret Numeric Average: The resulting weighted numeric average will be on the 100-point scale, which you can then interpret according to the grading scale to determine the final letter grade.


Consider the following grades and weights:

– Assignments: Grade B (choose 85 as the numeric value), 30% weight
– Midterm: Grade A (choose 95 as the numeric value), 20% weight
– Final Exam: Grade B+ (choose 88 as the numeric value), 50% weight

Calculate the weighted numeric average:

\[ \text{Weighted Numeric Average} = \frac{(85 \times 0.30) + (95 \times 0.20) + (88 \times 0.50)}{1} \]

\[ \text{Weighted Numeric Average} = \frac{25.5 + 19 + 44}{1} = 88.5 \]

The weighted numeric average is 88.5 on the 100-point scale, corresponding to a B+ grade according to the example scale.

This method provides a clear, quantifiable measure of your overall performance across all course components.

Who can use Final Grade Calculator?

A Final Grade Calculator is useful for:

1. Students: To track grades and plan for target outcomes.
2. Teachers: To calculate and analyze student grades.
3. Parents: To monitor their child’s academic progress.
4. Academic Advisors: To assist students with academic planning.
5. Tutors: To set and assess academic goals.


A Final Grade Calculator is a tool designed to help users calculate the overall grade for a course by taking into account the grades of individual components such as assignments, quizzes, and exams along with their respective weights.

Students, teachers, parents, academic advisors, and tutors can all benefit from using a Final Grade Calculator to assess and plan academic performance.

Students can use it to understand their current standing in a course, determine the grades needed on future assessments to achieve a desired final grade, and strategize their study plans accordingly.

Yes, teachers can use it to calculate final grades for their students, analyze class performance, and evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching methods.

Parents can use the calculator to track their child’s academic progress and assist in setting realistic academic goals.

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